How Explainer Videos Can Boost your Business Awareness and Exposure in 2018

Product Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are really great tools. They are something that can be used in order to educate and entertain an audience, but apart from that, they can also have a very positive effect on your business as a whole as well. There are many other benefits that your business will get apart from educating people about different products and in this article, we will talk to you about some of the most important ways in which your business will benefit.

You can build trust

When you have an explainer video as a part of your marketing plan, then that will most likely be the first contact that any new customers will have with your business and brand. This type of video is a great way for you to really show customers what your brand is all about, if you are a startup you can give off a professional feel and if you are an established brand you can use the video to make the company look more human and more relatable, and this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what explainers can do. Above all of this, however, a good explainer is a great way and the first step for you to build a very trusting relationship with your audience and increase the credibility you have as a brand.

Increase the web traffic of your brand

The second that someone sees your video you will automatically transform a stranger into a potential customer by simply bringing them to your business’ website. Research has shown that a brand or business owner that uses explainer videos will automatically receive 41% more web traffic from search by people simply clicking and watching the video. Another thing to consider is that any posts attached with the video will get three times more inbound links than any written content ever will, which is great news for a business that uses explainers because more clicks means more web traffic and that, by extension, means more customers.

You will have a bigger reach

When you decide to do one-on-one presentations, you are immediately limiting the reach that that presentation will have. When you create an explainer video and put it online, you are instantly getting a whole audience of people that will be reached by the video. Since it’s online, anyone can find the video and watch it and if they like it people will also, most likely, share the video with their friends and family, which will broaden your reach even more. This will not only get you more customers but it will also bring a lot of visibility to your brand as well which means even more potential customers once the video reaches them.

A great explainer video is pretty much a necessity for any business that is working in this day and age. As we saw in this article, your business will greatly benefit from explainer videos and those benefits alone will make the price and the time that you will put into the video worth it. Another thing to keep in mind is that people will always prefer to watch a video over reading long product articles, and that means that explainers will get you way more customers than written material ever will.