Few Reasons Why Explainer Videos Covert Sales for up to 37% More than Just Images

Explainer Videos Covert

An explainer video is a short video that can help any business owner present a new product, idea or just their business in general to a wide audience. Explainer videos are something that has become very popular over the last years and that is simply because they really work and because customers really respond to the videos and the messages that they carry. If you are not convinced that your customers will really enjoy watching an explainer about your company or products and services, then keep on reading this article so that we can prove you wrong.

Reason 1: Information that is easy to take in

Explainer in their core are short. People tend to keep them between 60 and 90 seconds and that means that the creators need to figure out a way to give every important information within that time frame. In order for that to be done, the information needs to be simplified and that makes it very easy for people to understand exactly what you are talking about. Since people don’t really like to ask any questions because that would mean they have to admit they don’t understand something, the explainer is seen as a great and helpful friend that gives the necessary information and increasing the user experience at the same time.

Reason 2: They save a ton of time

People that live in this day and age are always running late, have to be somewhere and are out of time. This means that they don’t have the time to sit through a 20-minute presentation, but they do have the time to watch a video that is less than two minutes long. There is extensive research that shows that over 50% of Millennials would much rather spend those two minutes watching a video than reading a long text with the same content and by you choosing to use explainer videos instead of written content will show them that you value their time and this will help you establish a great relationship with them from the start.


Reason 3: The information can be accessed from anywhere

In a day and age when everyone has a mobile phone and internet connection almost everywhere they go, video content is great for anyone that is a mobile viewer. Most people prefer to use their phones when watching videos and having an explainer will mean that people will be able to watch it from pretty much anywhere. This means that your video will have even more access and you will be able to attract even more customer’s right from their phone screens.

Still, think explainer videos don’t bring customers? People tend to have pretty short attention spans when it comes to product information, so if you want to capture them and get them to become interested in your product, a short 90-second video is definitely the way to go for any business owner. All that is left for you to do is get to creating the perfect explainer.